May 24, 2011

Blue and Gold! (black and gold?)

So i know summer hasn't started yet but i did my nails and really liked them so i had to put up an "early" blog post. For these nails i used "Blue my Mind" by opi, on my pointer, middle, and pinky fingers with "Only Gold for Me" from Sephore by opi on top. For my thumb and ring fingers i used "Bling Dynasty" by opi with "Blue My Mind" tips.

For my base i use "Nail Magic" nail hardener, because my nails are super flimsy. I also use "Sticky" by CND. I seal it all in with "Seche Vite" top coat. It seems like a lot, but it works for me.
And this is the final product! Its a little messy but keep in mind i did it at 12:00 am and did the tips freehand! i did not use tape!!!
So thats my first post of the almost summer! Well summer is only 8 days away! Get Excited!

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