January 30, 2012

Paw Power!!!!!

When my friend Kristen came over we did our nails together. In the end her nails looked so good I decided to put them on my blog!
First she put on two coats of OPI "Mermaid Tears." After that she put one coat of small sparkles on all her nails.
Last she used a dotting tool and a white striper polish to make medium sized paw prints on every nail.
In the end her nails looked like this!
This design was inspired by an "IHaveACupcake" nail tutorial video. Click this link to check it out.
I think Kristen's nails turned out awesome! I hope you liked them, and I hope you try them out for yourself! Love!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower :-) I like your manicure very much! :-) And I'm looking forward to see more of you!

    1. Thanks!!! Well there's definitly more to come so if you have any nail design ideas let me know!