February 17, 2012

Nail Magic!!! Its Magical!

Today I'm doing something a little different. This is a review on my favorite nail strengthener in the whole wide world! Nail Magic Nail Hardener, it really is magical!!! (btw no I'm not getting payed to post this I've been using this nail strengthener way before I started this blog and have always loved it!)
People ask me quite often if my nails are real or not. This is because my nails are super strong, all the same length and almost never chip. No I was not born with super strong hulk nails. I actually used to have horrible nails, they were bendy and cracked way too often. I found the solution to this problem at Sally's Beauty Supply Store. (no they are not paying me either.... I wish...) This strengthener can be used as a base coat or under your base coat. I use it every time i paint my nails which is about twice a week. After about a month my nails became strong and amazing. So if you are having weak nail issues then stop by Sally's and pick up some Nail Magic. I promise you wont regret it!

(P.S. Did you like my review? Let me know. Love!)

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