February 27, 2012

Silver and Turquoise Shatter!

OPI Shatter Polish is super fun so I decided to mix it up and use two! I started with my FAVORITE black polish, Butter London "Union Jack Black." After that I used OPI "Silver Shatter" on all my nails, except my ring fingers and thumbs. On those nails I used OPI "Turquoise Shatter."
(Quick Tip) A lot of times people ask my how I get shatter polish to look good. The key is to use a very small amount of polish. If you glob it on, the polish wont crack very much. So just put one medium to thin coat of Shatter Polish all over the nail and you'll be set! If you want you can also experiment with the direction you apply the polish. Try diagonally, horizontally, or a mix just get creative and have fun with it!

So this was the final product!
Hope you liked my design. Till next time, Love!

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  1. Just wanted to say love the site. I've recently started out as a beauty blogger I hope you come over to say Hi!

    Thanks Minnie xx