February 13, 2012

Swirly Sparkly Love!!!

Valentines Day is tomorrow so this nail design is extra fancy! I started this lovely design by painting every nail, except my ring fingers, with OPI "Sweetheart." Then I painted my ring fingers with a super sparkly Urban Outfitters polish. For most of my nails I used a needle drag technique to get a swirly pattern on my nails. If you wanna see how its done click this link Easy Needle Drag Nail Art Design Tutorial. I used "Sweetheart" and OPI "Off With Her Red" to do the needle dragging.
On my ring fingers I used Confetti Nail Color "Wedding White" to draw two hearts on the nail, then went over the hearts with "Sweetheart." This was the finished product!
I'd also like to say thanks to everyone who looks at my blog whether your subscribed or not. I hope you enjoy my designs and have a happy Valentines Day.
(P.S. I'd like to say thanks to my lovely sister for the Valentines Card, its really pretty.)

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